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My story

Aquadect and Mosselmonitor®

Let me introduce myself, I’m Paul Sijrier living in Zeeland in the beautiful village of Nieuwerkerk. The company AquaDect is also located in Nieuwerkerk. I acquired AquaDect at the beginning of 2021. This came on my path because my father worked for AquaDect for many years. Due to circumstances, the previous owner had to make the choice to sell AquaDect. I have a great love for technology, so could not pass this up. I love everything that has to do with technology.

Paul Sijrier


And then the Mosselmonitor®, what could be even better to monitor water quality by using of a mussel or oyster. I find it fascinating that this can be done in such an ultimately simple way.
I am involved in technology on a daily basis, which has now been expanded with the Mosselmonitor®. So I immediately set to work to improve the Mosselmonitor® where necessary. I do this in consultation with the customer because they have practical experience and thus come up with the best ideas.
My first assignment was immediately a nice assignment. I received a question from a company in Slovakia if we could overhaul their Mosselmonitor®. That was of course no problem. After some research, the Mosselmonitor® appeared to have been functioning for 19 years. That can be called an achievement.