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Presentation software for the Mosselmonitor®

The data presentation software program Present IT was developed in co-operation with the users of the Mosselmonitor® and is intended to convert the analytical information from the Mosselmonitor® into a graph. The programme makes it possible to examine not only the on-line information from the Mosselmonitor® but also the stored data files and makes it possible to use the programme to communicate directly with the Mosselmonitor®.
As it is becoming more and more important to be able te receive data from the Mosselmonitor® from a remote station, a feature has been added to enable the viewing of several Mosselmonitor® systems by means of an Internet Module. 
The programme is installed on a PC, which is connected directly to the Mosselmonitor® through a communication port. The software enables the graphic presentation of data on-line from the Mosselmonitor® and afterwards, easy storage of this data. It is possible to view the data from the mussels individually or collectively whilst an average value is calculated. The software is simple to use and incorporates handy tools to enable changes to be made in the parameters. In the graphs texts can be added and also printed.

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